ted irving

Ted Irving

Director, HTV-Houston Television
HTV- Houston Television
30+ Years

As the Director for Houston Television (HTV), I am a culture change agent and a mass media influencer with over 30 years of experience in documentary film making, stock footage creation, and media instruction. I am also a Japan Fulbright Scholar with a keen interest in educational exchange and cross-cultural communication.

I work with the leadership team to transform HTV into a modern and dynamic media outlet that serves the diverse and growing audience of Houston. I oversee the project management, video editing, graphic design, and special effects of all live broadcasts and in-house productions, ensuring the highest quality and professionalism. I also mentor and empower the staff to enhance their skills and creativity, and foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture. My mission is to deliver engaging and informative content that showcases the achievements, challenges, and opportunities of the city and its people.

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