Katiera Winfrey

News Reporter

The newest tv news reporter in Houston is TSU alumna Katiera Winfrey. She returned home in December to work for KHOU, Houston’s CBS affiliate, after making history as the first multicultural reporter in Indianapolis, Indiana. As the trailblazing multicultural reporter, her focus on covering marginalized communities, social justice, culture, art, and community set her apart in the media landscape.

Winfrey began her journey with internships at Fox26 and ABC13, where she honed her skills in Community Affairs and the Newsroom. The cultural understanding between her and TSU professors fostered a trust that laid the foundation for her success. She credits TSU for empowering her to exist authentically.

With gratitude for the trust and support she received at Texas Southern, Winfrey has become a force to be reckoned with in journalism. The road home to KHOU has included stops at news stations in Midland-Odessa, Tyler, Tulsa, and Allentown, PA. Her role as a Multicultural Reporter highlights her commitment to amplifying voices that often go unheard. Beyond her impressive career, Winfrey’s return to Houston after 11 years is a homecoming filled with triumph, as she fulfills her dreams and inspires those who never had the chance to leave their hometown.

Texas Southern University proudly celebrates Katiera Winfrey as an embodiment of the university’s commitment to empowering its students and fostering success in the ever-evolving world of communications.

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