Avva Thach

Strategic Advisor

Avva Thach, born in Vietnam and now an American, brings a wealth of international experience to her role, shaping her understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Avva focuses on diverse thinking and solution-driven strategies. She has partnered with midsize companies’ C-level executives, enterprise coaches, and enterprise leaders to co-create innovation through digital transformation initiatives.

Empowering Leadership and Teams: Avva champions the mantra “Empower, Execute, Transform.” With management consulting experience at one of the Big 4 consulting firms and over 1,200 hours as a business coach, she enhances the capabilities of leaders and teams, specializing in process improvement and strategic AI implementation.

Avva has a significant history of transforming mid-sized companies through AI, contributing to advancements in digital operations. She worked with people from over 90 countries, coached leaders in enterprises and startups, and coached Stanford StartX founders and CEOs. She had been a core part of leading digital transformations valued at over $20 billion.

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