Andrew McCray

Media Graphics Specialist
Texas Southern University

Andrew McCray is currently the Media Graphics Specialist/University Photographer at Texas Southern University. 

He is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University, coming to TSU on a Track Scholarship as an All-American. These high standards would be his mainstay. Being one of the first graduates from the University’s print graphics curriculum, combining photography, printing, art and communications. This was the foundation that inspired him to pursue this vastly expanding field. He has worked in Photography and Graphics for over 35 years, teaching photography/graphics at Ace Technology School and coaching some high school state qualifiers (Smiley) and NCAA qualifiers in track & field. 

While working as TSU’s Student Publications Manager, Andrew helped the university publish its first yearbook and newspaper on a desktop digital platform and win two national awards for best photography, graphics, and editorial in a college yearbook and newspaper. He is passionate about working in all media platforms for photography (fashion, landscape, sports, events, and studio products) and has a wide range of knowledge in the areas of graphics, printing, art, and video technology. 

Along with the belief that there are many ways to improve your craft. Also, a large part of him is one of sharing and mentoring.

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