keisha nicole
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Keisha Nicole

Keisha Nicole is a renowned radio personality known as the Queen of Middays in Houston at 97.9 The Box. She started her career at legendary KDAY in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she hosted the Saturday Night Live show. Transitioning to host her show at B96.5, Keisha’s show became #1 in the city, where she interviewed numerous A-List celebrities and made appearances on television shows such as BET’s Centric Culture List and local TV stations.

Currently, she hosts the midday show on 97.9 The Box, bringing her energy, lifestyle, and excitement to the airwaves. Keisha Nicole is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors within the community, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Donald L Fryson

Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Leader with over 35 Years of Experience in Business Management, Sales & Marketing, and Entertainment Production. Founder/CEO of 360 Entertainment International, LLC; where he originated Clean Money Music™ (a commercial brand of hip hop that returns rap music to its original roots, with social commentary, lifestyle, culture, and fun as its basis). Executive Producer of award-winning television and radio programs broadcast to over 18 million households (Dance Kingdom, Tiralo al Medio, Clean Money Music Radio). Founder of 360EI Marketing & Design. Successful franchise development of numerous sales offices throughout Central Florida with achievements that include the business of the year award and recognition as a top revenue producer.